Qazi asks Farhaan and he too says Qubool Hai..! Badi bi tels zoya that on that fateful night, both ayan and her coulod have gone anywhere, anytime, but they both landed on the same place at the same time, and that too in such a place where the priest was performing communal marriage. She thinks that finally he came to marry him, as she knew this plan of hers would be a success. Seher is giving water to dilshad, who eyes her granddaughter overwhelmingly, while oblivious that both the other daughters, haya and dilshad too are getting water and first aid for her. Humaira asks ayan to tell zoya to leave the house, right now. Shocking revelations and high volt Shrenu Parikh aka Astha Picture Gallery. Asad pulls his hand back..!

Zoya says that she knows that he doesnt want to stay with them, but this isnt how he has to deal with things, first stay in the outhouse, and then move out of the city citing business. Shirin gives advise to razia that they shouldnt interfere like this, and she feels that zoya and ayan have started liking each other. Ayaan decides to call Asad but Zoya asks him not to as she wants to surprise him. Ayan says Rampur wali khala is sleeping..! She says that she would wait for his call, till the evening. Zoya discusses haider and their plans with asad. Ahil is left alone, and hay agoes after him. Here is why Rekha gave Puneet Issar a cold shoulde

Razia asks her not to srgue baselessly, as his image is at stake and he cant live with this kind of indecency and hence its better that they move out. Jodha Akbar – 29th November Written Update.

31 st October 2013 Written Update Qubool Hai

He covers the bleeding shoulder with jacket.! The screen freezes on his tensed face. She says that she never lived with her parents, and hence never understood family and relations, until she came to india, and saw their families, such relations and so much love, and the brotherhood between him and asad, which she hadnt writen before ever. Zoya says that he should stay back for her and dilshad.

She says that she feels sorry for nazma, but cant deny the right to her child, and that imran would have to marry her, and nazma wont be able to bear this. Badi bi says that she feels like this. Meanwhile, while nikhat is sleeping, someone is shown to be approaching her, and after a certain while, she findd herself being strangulated by her own dupatta, around her neck.

4 october 2013 written episode of qubool hai asks her if she does not believe himshe says that she does and that Panchmari is not a bad place and she is happy since everyone s going together.

Haseena asks them to dream on, and shows that its actually Hotel London, biggest hotel in Panchmarhi, and it has the same kind of environment, that London has. Ayan tells how All are giving gifts. Niranjan’s Biggest Fear – Shlok will find his evil Shireen calls out to him and says told u many thins 4 october 2013 written episode of qubool hai now. If she goes back before the stipulated time then he might smile.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Zoya gives jewlery box to Asad and just as 4 october 2013 written episode of qubool hai holds it. Seher thinks that she must definitely be paralysed, when she doesnt move, and offers to make her drink herself. But she is irritated when nuzrat comes in announcing the arrival of some more ladies who have come to see her. She is overwhelmed with emotions. Humera asks what is he saying.

Jodha Akbar 20th October Written Episode Scene 1 Jalal and jodha comes to the venue, all greets them, they sit together, priest prays Zoya says to leave n Ayan says let the luggage stay.

Razia tells Shirin to beware of Zoya and her tantrums and act like a mother in law. But she wonders what she would do if ahil doesnt belive 4 october 2013 written episode of qubool hai without og. Shirin tells zoya, clad in jeans and Tshirt, that not even the daughters of this house, wear such clothes, let alone Bahus.

She is then helped by seher, who helps her get up, while dilshad is too stunned to react, while she is taken back to childhood memories of seher, and how she had lost her, after the massacre. Haai asks Asad to come forward and he does!

Asad turns to leave n Zoya reaches out.

Sanam is distracted by ahil, as she catches him talking to someone. All lead Nikhat to the room and Farhaan fumes and Haseean signals to stay calm!

Shirin gives advise to razia that they shouldnt interfere like this, qbuool she feels that zoya and ayan have started liking each other. She tells him she is going to Badi Masjid and will announce that the baby is Imrans.

Qubool Hai 14th October Written Episode Update – Loreum Proeem

Asad comes and says that he would tell them. She says that not just these seven days, sevene lives also wont come in between these love stories. Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. Nuzhat asks Humera to try.! Shirin says that she used to, and not now as she is the bahu octobrr this house.

Asad says that his destiny only has hi name, Zoya. I will romance each and every girl She says that the descision is his, and tries to get him to have sweets but he denies. Asad asks her why she sent themshe tells that as she thinks he is her apna she should tell him before telling the world.

She adds Humeira is like her sister.