Help me out here folks. The reincarnated part was right! Oh the lingering sadness of lost love. The little baby with the crazy faux hawk hair was adorbs! The 50 best rated Asian dramas of all time – part 2 0 0. It was so funny and I had a great time with you girls laughing and talking about it. The writers really dropped the ball on that plot point. It’s obvious that she knows enough of his past that you’d be led to believe they’d been in a relationship, but what I thoroughly enjoyed was the look of pure panic plastered on Kang Ju’s face once he noticed they had been discovered.

Cat graves – so romantic and not at all likely to attract ghosts. The ghost, however, doesn’t seem to know the rule. You must be logged in to! Taeyang Group adalah konglomerat terbesar di Korea Selatan. Oh the sad music which seems to be a traditional Korean version of “My Heart Will Go On” At least there was no icebergs and ill-fated cruise line ships. I loved crazy grandma!

I got misty when Doo Rim was talking about sharing the same sky. The 50 best rated Asian dramas of all time, Part 2: Speaking of embarrassed, Secretary Kim was too shy and embarrassed to propose to Jin Joo for, what, a month? Not Kang Ju’s bride? I was sort of hoping it was the tomato myself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Taeyang Group is the largest conglomerate in South Korea.

Lee Hong KI is so good at making the tears swim in his eyes. Maybe it’s a magical suit that’s impervious to all forms of stain? Namun takdir bekata lain, Kang-joo benar-benar jatuh cinta pada Doo-rim. You must be logged in to!

Yes, but I get the award for Craziest Theory Correct. Promotional poster for Bride of the Century. Your email has been updated!

All of these people had more than enough time to step forward and “apprehend the suspect”. It was nice to have that explained.

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Personally, I’m going to go with the crntury of divine intervention. Embarrassed and happy all at once. Now, where can I find the thing that is going to make me look the most ridiculous when I am caught wearing it? Well in reality, the beginning of 16 is really starts with Mom and Dad burning the diary and coming to realize that they really love each other and do not hold the past against each other.

Check out our individual blogs or get in touch with us via Twitter! How much you want to bet that a scheming doppelganger switch is the reason behind the original curse? He is almost more adorable than the child in Emergency Couplebut not quite.

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Oh the meaningful looks of mysterious men in hats. Be still my fan-girl heart!! Crazy does not mean dumb and she could clearly see those minute differences between our drxma. There could be an emergency fast wash of all clothes in like say.

Second rule of Ghost house? Standing under a tree alone is tragic, especially when it is leafless. The reincarnated part was right! Notice that Dad obey’s the ghost house rule.

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I loved Kang Ju’s shocked expressions. My Favorite part of this scene is when he’s got her pinned up against the wall and he thinks he’s being all bad alpha male, and nope.

Still, Doo Rim now knows that Yi Kyung’s catty friend is seriously trying to steal her man away. They were like 50ft away from each other and at one point I’m sure Kang Ju looked directly at the back of her head. I love that look. It was nice to see that because of the board, Kang Rim drama oh drama sinopsis bride of the century able to at least kinda recognize who Kang Ju was.

Of course you do it anyway, why listen to those who know what’s good for you? It levitates across the floor y’all. Please update it below.