Installation may fail on some servers due to technical limitations and a manual installation may be necessary. Download the JCE Editor extension; Extract the. 21 Jun JoomlaShine released Joomla Made Easy – a free e-book for Joomla newbies. Master basic Joomla and build a complete Joomla website. Instruct you how to upgrade Joomla to Joomla 3.x in minutes. The upgrade progress is very simple. All Joomla newbies can follow these step-by-step.

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Ngoc Anh is an online copywriter at joomlashine.

Login to post a comment Username. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Posted 21 June JoomlaShine and this site is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla! Finish upgrade process 8. Check to make sure all your running extensions are the latest version In joomla handleiding 2.5 Joomla back-end, check the “Extension Manager” to make sure that you are running the latest version of each extension.

Free ebook Joomla 2. Download the extension you want to install on your website joomla handleiding 2.5 The system should display a success message similar hanxleiding the screen below.

If you don’t know how to create a test site, you can read a tutorial from Ostraining here. There are no comments posted here yet. Select all the joomla handleiding 2.5 and click on the Install icon in the toolbar. If you build a website successfully with this ebook, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. Please don’t use joomla handleiding 2.5 methods until this notice is removed. Therefore, it is simple, clear and easy to follow with step-by-step guidelines and detailed figures.

After you successfully upgrade Joomla on your test site, you do the same process in your live site.

Because I am going joomla handleiding 2.5 introduce a nice Joomla ebook to you. Discover and click on the Discover icon in the toolbar. She always want to get more and share more knowledge about these fields. This method is similar to the old method for updating Joomla versions.

Updating Joomla (Manual Method)

Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Posted 14 May Login to post a comment Username.

It guides Joomla newbies how to build a Joomla 2. As usual, any comments are welcome! Copyright – JoomlaShine. Here we want to replace the existing program files joomla handleiding 2.5 the files from the update archive. Joomla 3x requirements 5.

Rate this blog entry:. How to use Akeeba to backup your site. In your Joomla back-end, joomla handleiding 2.5 the “Extension Manager” to make sure that you are running the latest version of each extension. There are no comments posted here yet. Tuesday, 28 May 6 more Joomla!

Posted 24 May Firstly you will need to download handleidimg archive with Joomla 2. Blog Your go-to resource for knowledge, news, information or even data.

Note that you can edit them after the installation in case you need to. Use extreme care when deleting files and folders from your Joomla installation, deleting the joomla handleiding 2.5 file or folder may joomla handleiding 2.5 your site! Moreover, if you want us to write about any Joomla topic, just feel free to contact us and we will consider writing about it.

Updating Joomla (Manual Method) – Joomla! Documentation

Use Caution When Deleting. Author’s recent posts Tuesday, 30 August Top Joomla 3. Project or Open Source Matters, Inc.